Cleaning, and Mobility Thoughts

Just a couple thoughts on moving from a mass of txt to csv:

From the data acquired from the Library of Congress catalog, often Beirut was listed as a secondary publication location.

This brings up a crucial question for me in this project, which is the extent to which books in the Arab world were edited somewhere, and printed and distributed elsewhere.  This seems to be particularly important from the 1950s onward as terms like “distribution,” “printing,” “translation,” and “publishing” show up in the names of businesses.  It does seem important that we collect such metadata about the book business.

Using the regular expression \.* Bayrūt \.* Beirut \.* Beyrouth I was able to reorder the cases where a printing took place in Lebanon but the publication was listed in Beirut.

However, we will want to include the other countries in cooperation with which specific publishers were active (or include this in the interviews.  Important countries thus far seem to be Iraq, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Egypt, Kuwait, KSA, Libya, USA, Yemen).  That Beirut was publishing for the Arab world and then was linked to circuits of distribution in the rest of the world is central to our research project.

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