Bibliography: Print, Map and Data Sources


Theory and Background

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Interesting spatial humanities projects:

Space and Place in Africana/Black Studies

Digital Karnak

Atlas of Early Printing

Dictionary of Sydney

Digital Atlas of Ireland 1922-1949

Mapping Medieval Chester


Lebanon-specific print bibliography:

“Faris Al-Shidyaq and the transition from scribal to print culture in the Middle East” (Roper, ch 11 of The Book in the Islamic world, 1995) Google Books

Shia’s Publishing in Lebanon: with special reference to Islamic and Islamicist publications (Rosiny, 1999) on reserve

Le Livre et la ville: Beyrouth et l’édition arabe (Mermier 2005) on reserve

“Culture and Learning in Beirut” (Conrad 1983) JSTOR

“The Arabic Publishing Scene” (Del Castillo 2002) available on campus

“The Arabic publishing scene is a desert, critics say” (Del Castillo 2001)  available on campus

Beirut: Public Sphere of the Arabic World? The Role of the Publishing Sector” (Mermier 2007)

“Lament for Beirut” (Hakim 1997) available on campus

“The Making of Ras Beirut: A Landscape of Memory for Narratives of Exceptionalism 1870-1975.” (Abu Nasr diss , 2013) available on campus

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“Digital Publishing and its Impact on the Publishing Industry in the Arab World” (Al Qasimi 2011) available on campus

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“Barriers to Broad Dissemination of Creative Works in the Arab World” (Rand Corp 2009)

“Observations from Beirut” (Naufal 2009) available on campus

The Book Industry in Lebanon: Publishing Houses and Reading Habits (Kafi 1986) available from Jafet e-theses


Data sources (for scraping and building our database):

List of publishers in Lebanon (provided by Naufal)

List of Universities in Lebanon (Wikipedia)

More information on private universities in Lebanon (Lebanon ministry of education)

Data on publishers/dates acquired from the New York Public Library API

Data on publishers/dates acquired from the Library of Congress

Data on publishers/dates acquired from AUB library

Data on bookstores scraped from YellowPages using Kimono (CSV)

Data on publishers scraped from YellowPages using Kimono (CSV)

Table of dates of founding/starting publication (Hashem)

L’imprimerie au Liban (Nasrallah)  655.1:N26iF:c.1

Couleurs libanaises (Sokhn) 956.9204:S683c:v.1:c.1

L’Imprimerie catholique de Beyrouth et son oeuvre en Orient (1853-1903)

L’imprimerie au pays des Cedres (ch 3-) Les imprimeries missionaires


Lebanon-specific map materials:

Analytical Maps of Ras Beirut (Neighborhood Initiative)

Lebanon wide geospatial data

CIA map of Beirut (HathiTrust)

Maps and the Historical Topography of Lebanon” (Berytus 1987)

The Urban Geography of Beirut (Hurst 1966) – interesting maps to extract!

Property Values per m2 in Beirut (Ramco 2014)

Beirut Growth 1840-1975

Beirut: Churches, Mosques, Christians, Muslims

Atlas du Liban: territoires et société (IFPO, 2007) at Jafet

Atlas du Liban: géographie, histoire, économie et société (Asmar, 2006) at Jafet


Benedictine monasteries:

France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Catalunya, and England.