Date Activity
M 25 Jan No classes
W 27 Jan Intro, Course site, Exploring the concepts: Humanities GIS, Spatial Narratives, Sample Spatial Humanities projects
M 1 Feb Theory 1 The Spatial Turn and Arab publishing  –  Travis, Tally, McCarty, The Arab Book Market (Frankfurt), The Arab Book Market (Abu Dhabi)
W 3 Feb Design of draft questionnaire (sample documents 1  2  3  4); Pirate pad.
M 8 Feb For class on Monday, (1) do two sample interviews with people you know using the Beirut publishes… project sheet and Draft Questionnaire for Beirut publishes; (2) use Fulcrum to locate 5 sites of print culture in your surroundings. In class, you will learn WordPress (pages, posts, embedding a map) (HK) 
W 10 Feb Continue with your data collection, jotting down issues and problems (HK)
M 15 Feb Theory 2 Thick/Deep Mapping and Neogeography – Moretti, Presner et al, Ayers, Warf; revise questionnaire, if needed.
W 17 Feb Guest Speaker: Cynthia Myntti “The Neighborhood Initiative“; The AUB Neighborhood Initiative’s Analytic MapsTheory 3 Aseginolaza, Crang
M 22 Feb First round of student conferences
W 24 Feb Guest Speaker: Ahmad al-Gharbieh (Architecture & Graphic Design, AUB), Check out his co-authored Mapping Beirut Security
M 29 Feb Orientation to Library materials relevant to the Mapping Beirut Print Culture project.  Regular class time, Antoun Ghattas Karam e-classroom, Jafet Library.  Please post three relevant articles to the Google Drive folder. 
W 2 Mar In-class redesign of database form for interviews and archival work. Please have completed at least three interviews by this class.  Have a brief summary of those interviews to hand in to me (name, date of interview and a few interesting details).
M 7 Mar Response paper colloquium:  You will be assigned one of the articles we have read so far.  Please re-read it carefully and compose about 2-3 pages of response: to the general ideas contained therein, our general class mapping project and to the specific project you will write your paper on.

Assignments: Travis (KK, FT), Presner (SM, NJ), Ayers (RB, NB), Warf (NM, HI, GA), Aseguinolaza (IK), Jockers (MH)

W 9 Mar In-class redesign of database form for interviews and archival work (follow up).
M 14 Mar Map making workshop. Please make a CartoDB academy account here.  Review their map academy if you have time.
W 16 Mar NO CLASS. Second round of student conferences.Please prepare a small bibliography of the topic you are investigating. I will discuss your response paper with you. Also we will discuss how your interviews can be integrated into the paper/poster.
M 21 Mar PENDING Library archives visit.  Second round of student conferences thru 30 March.  Sign up here. Please prepare a project proposal and literature review for discussion.  Bring this with you to your conference.
W 23 Mar Data collection
M 28 Mar Latin Easter Monday
W 30 Mar SQL and Map Building/Querying
M 4 Apr Data collection
W 6 Apr Session on making a digital poster.  Download GIMP to your laptop.
M 11 Apr Poster content workup
W 13 Apr Dealing with Maps and Figures. With spreadsheets and
M 18 Apr Final work
W 20 Apr Final work  (FAS 150th anniversary schedule)

Poster Session, 22 Apr, 3-415pm – REQUIRED

M 25 Apr Poster revision 
W 27 Apr From Poster to Paper
F 29 Apr Greek Good Friday
M 1 May

Saturday 7 May  (Orient Institut Beirut, ‘al-ma3had al-almani,’ Zoqaq al-Blat)

Greek Easter Monday

11:30am-1:30pm  Instructor’s paper on behalf of the course

1:30-3pm poster session/lunch in the garden