ENGL 292/306V


Questions for poster content


With a partner, please try to answer the following questions.


  • What is the main thrust of your project with respect to the course on changes in print culture in Beirut/Lebanon?
  • What are your top 3-5 findings/conclusions?
  • What does a map of your data with the rest of the class data show?
  • What are the steps in your methodology?
  • What are the three most important sources for your project (beyond interviews)?
  • What is the image that conveys meaning about your project?
  • What kind of numerical data do you have for visuals?
  • And finally, how can we link your project to the general themes of the May conference?



Exploring concepts of mobility in cross-cultural studies of the book

May 5-7, 2016

What are the ways in which we can understand the forms, uses, and functions of books as objects that move across time and space? What can the material—textual, physical, and visual—dimensions of books reveal about how books circulate in societies? How has the notion of the book—what it looks like and how it is produced and read—varied across space and time? How do books build on, break away from, or refer back to past traditions? What are some recent globally comparative approaches to such studies and how are they applied to cultural productions across different periods?

In considering varied inter-disciplinary approaches to studies of mobility in relation to books, specifically the ways in which these objects traverse spatial, temporal, cultural, and material boundaries, “Books in Motion” explores new perspectives in the study of the book. Drawing on the American University of Beirut’s unique location, the conference brings together international and regional scholars from the interconnected fields of book history, art history, literary studies, digital humanities, and cultural studies whose research explores the material dimensions, circulation, and collection of books in Middle Eastern/Islamic, African, and Asian contexts. Presentations will include two keynote lectures by Professors Beatrice Gruendler (Free University of Berlin) and Lydia H. Liu (Columbia University), in addition to five panels devoted to knowledge production, travel and exchange, material transformations, aesthetics and politics, and digital remediation. There will also be a roundtable on contemporary art and book culture and a poster presentation by students from AUB’s English literature program’s capstone seminar on “Literature and Mapping: Mapping Beirut Print Culture.” The conference is accompanied by an exhibition held at AUB’s Jafet library, curated in collaboration with the Archives and Special Collections Department, which features manuscripts, printed books, digital projects, and examples of book art related to the conference themes.