Hisham’s tips on locating places in Lebanon:

Adding a new record to the Lebanese map requires a couple of considerations such as detecting and locating the exact addresses in Google maps. It is a challenging task since addresses are most probably not found on the map unless they are located in a famous building such as a tower or business-center, but instead you may follow the following steps which may help get an estimated location:

a- If you know where the place is, satellite view can help you navigate the city from above.  If you don’t know where it is, it is easiest to use the map layer.

b- Search by area (If not found in English try in French/Arabic or mixture of all), Google maps will give you some indications while you are typing the first letters of the address – try to follow the suggested address.

c- Once you locate the area on the map, try to add the street name (this does not work most of the times), then try to find the street name by zooming in or moving around on the map. Once the street name is detected, try to locate a point and get the latitude/longitude for a record use.  You can capture the spatial data by right clicking on a point.

If the located street is a tiny one, the accuracy may be deemed as valid. However, if the street is a highway or a long one, then the accuracy of the address is a little bit imprecise.

Additional tips for dealing with spatial data when working with the Fulcrum application or with photos found on the Internet.