Since this course will have both senior majors in literature and graduate students, there will be two tiers of expectation.

Basic elements of the course will include:

theoretical readings

10% frequent short oral presentations

40% data collection (about (1) historical print culture from archival work, (2) current print culture in interviews with booksellers/publishers and (3) mobile data collection), data analysis and map making

maintaining a regular blog (with an avatar) about your findings – one of which will appear as a guest blog on the course site

30% one final paper with maps

20% one poster presentation at the Books in Motion conference (early May)

regular conferences with instructor

More advanced elements for the graduate students include:

theoretical discussion leading

more intense archival work

research paper (either about the diegetic or the sociological element of the seminar)

poster presentation at the Books in Motion conference (early May)


The instructor will do his best to follow guidelines such as those set out by the UCLA Digital Humanities Center’s Student Bill of Rights for the various project contributions.

Over the summer, the instructor will pursue co-publishing an article in a scholarly venue with the most motivated members of the course.   This will not count as part of the course, but will constitute additional work.  Students who are interested in this proposition should make their intention to write together known to the instructor.

Attendance policy:  This course functions in seminar like style.  Students should not miss class except if there is a preapproved, or excused absence.